Hot Water Demand Systems

Hot Water Demand Systems

Hot water demand systems are the latest thing in saving time, water, and money while making your home greener. Hot water demand systems can save typical home owners thousands of gallons of water each year with virtually no energy costs. Hot water demand systems work with any kind of water heater, even tankless units.

What Are the Benefits of a Hot Water Demand System?

A hot water demand system is a pumping system that gets your hot water from your water heater to your fixture fast without running water down the drain or having to add a return line to your plumbing layout. The water is only pumped to your fixture when you "demand" hot water by pressing the pumps start button.

Then the pump shuts off automatically when the hot water reaches the fixture.

Not only do you save a tremendous amount of water, but you save time and money too. No more standing with your hand in the shower waiting for the water to get hot. Finally, a method to save water that doesn't cause hardship. In fact, it is a convenience for the home owner.

Experience the Benefits of Fast Hot Water!

Fast hot water has a number of benefits for the user, such as saving water, time, energy, money and being environmentally responsible. It could even mean cleaner dishes from your dishwasher!

People living in a small apartment probably won't experience much benefit. You most likely get your hot water fast since it is a short distance from the water heater to the fixture, or your apartment has a hot water circulating system with a single large common water heater. However, if you reside in a large ranch type home with a water heater on one end of the house, and the kitchen on the other end of the house, then you know about running water down the drain waiting for hot water to arrive.

According to dishwasher manufacturers, the primary reason that dishwashers don't get dishes clean is because the water isn’t hot enough to dissolve the soap properly. Running the hot water demand system pump when you start the dishwasher makes sure that hot water makes it to the dish washer for the all important first wash so the soap will completely dissolve.

Tankless water heaters are wasteful of water since it takes them longer to get hot water to the faucets than a tank type heater. Tankless units have to first heat the water while tank type heaters have a big tank full of hot water ready to go.

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