Solar Thermal

Solar thermal energy is the oldest way of tapping into the sun's immense power. It is a process by which solar thermal collectors or panels are connected to your plumbing system, then tubes inside the collectors are heated by the sun’s rays. A water or freeze-proof glycol solution passes through the solar thermal panels, is heated to a high temperature, then cycled through your home to provide hot water. Solar thermal energy is a cheap, easy and efficient way to provide hot water to your home or commercial property, while reducing your energy bills. Solar hot water, often referred to as Solar Thermal, is one of the most efficient ways to go solar and get your money back. Solar thermal is both simple and reliable. The average homeowner who purchases solar thermal will break even on their investment in 3-4 years or less!

Benefits of Solar Thermal:

  • Reduces your energy consumption and electric bills

  • Adds value to your home

  • Increases your hot water capacity by using a 75 gallon or 115 gallon tank instead of the traditional 40-50 gallon tank

  • Reduces air pollution and global warming

  • Solar Thermal systems look great and can be monitored

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