Battery Backup Systems

Battery Backup Systems

There are two types of battery-based systems: Off-Grid systems and Battery Backup systems.

Off-Grid systems are PV systems that are not connected to the utility grid. Off-Grid systems utilize a battery bank to store electricity so they can operate independent of the grid. Excess electric power from the solar panels is stored in a battery bank during the day and utilized at night.

Battery Back-up systems are a hybrid of an Off-Grid system and a Grid-tie system. When power is present they operate like a standard Grid-tie system; producing power for the house, storing excess in batteries and selling the rest back to the grid. During a power outage they quickly convert to operate on battery and solar only so you’re never without power.

Battery systems are more expensive than grid-tie systems but they are the most reliable way to provide continuous power regardless of weather or utility power outages. Battery systems make the most sense for people who are worried about the grid reliability or may have to pay a utility company to run power lines on a new property.

Solar Community works directly with customers to design a custom system in order to satisfy your overall energy needs throughout the year and to ensure you will never run out of energy for your home or property. Whether you want to get a refrigerator or AC unit off of the grid or take your entire home off grid, Solar Community will customize a system to match your needs or budget.

Benefits of Solar Battery Backups:

  • Solar battery backups are extremely reliable and powered by the sun!

  • Continuous flow of energy to critical loads when utility power fails

  • Batteries are recharged daily by the solar array, meaning no fuel, no pollution, and no noise from gas-powered generators

  • Minimal maintenance


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